Saturday, July 11, 2009

I miss you soo much, I love you soo much, I care for you soo much, I sayang for you soo much

Seandainya kau ada disini denganku
Mungkin ku tak sendiri
Bayanganmu yang selalu menemaniku
Hiasi malam sepiku
Kuingin bersama dirimu
Ku tak akan pernah berpaling darimu
Walau kini kaujauh darimu
'Kan slalu kunanti
Karena ku sayang kamu

Hati ini selalu memanggil namamu, dengarlah melatiku
Ku berjanji hanyalah untukmu cintaku
Takkan pernah ada yang lain
Adakah rindu dihatimu, seperti rindu yang kurasa
Haruskah ku terus terlena, tanpamu di sisiku
Ku 'kan slalu menantimu

Song by
(Dygta-Kerna Ku Sayangkan Kamu)

We've been fighting about something only me and my baby know. I'm really sorry for what i've done. But i cant seem to change the anger you have now. I'm missing you baby.. soo much.. a lot.. i'm really feeling guilty now. If anything to make it up for you baby i'll do it. Baby i'm sorry for everything baby. I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Three Days of My Sayang in KK

DAY ONE - My Baby's Arrival
My baby was on the way to KK. Taking a flight at airasia ,she arrived at 11.55pm. But before i went to the airport i went to Starbucks to find chicken pie but in kk dont have the pies she likes usually in Miri, so i bought her a chicken and mushroom sandwich. When i saw her i was extremely happy coz my girlfriend is in KK!!!. Then i send her to her aunts place in Petagas. Then went home and online with my baby. Then fell asleep.

DAY TWO - Touring Around KK
I went to see my baby early in the morning. Picked my baby from her aunts place. Then anisah on the way cause my baby had planned that we go eat breakfast at Grace Point. While waiting we were suppose to pick up Dinesh but we were too early so we went to town and lepak at StarBucks.
Talked and talked drink coffee. Then we called Dinesh to wake him up, when we called him again when he was ready we went straight to his place to pick him up for breakfast. Then were at Grace Point eating noodles and my baby took out the peachee soda bottle. It tasted very nice so i think i'll go look for it in town. Then when we all finish we went to drop dinesh down at wisma merdeka and we went to philipines market. Where all the souverniers was sold. There was a lot of variety of stuff. Especially the crystal and pearl bracelet, rings and necklace. My baby bought arounf 6 i think while for me i was sweating hard like just went for sports. After that we went to bring my gf eat with my mum and brothers for lunch in Sinar Mustika. My baby was soo nervous because first time meeting parents. But when my baby saw irfan (youngest brother), she cant stop pinching his cheek coz he was round and very fare. Then we all my mum my brothers, anisah and my baby went to my house. Its kinda deeper in so my baby said she cant rememberthe road. when we reach home i brought her inside. try to give good hospitality. Then she saw the piano so she played. My dad was home so when my dad went down he ask my baby to play a song with the piano. So like mcm interview la. hehehehe.. Then brought her for drinks and biskuts. Then i told her to play Nintendo Wii. She liked the bowling game and tennis. Anisah was very good at bowling. She created a new record. beating my old time highest. Then when it was time i went to send my baby to her aunty's place for her to pack coz she is staying in Le Meridian but before that we went to KKIA to greet my baby's parents. Then we were on the way to Le Meridian. Help her put her bags in the room. Then we went to Likas to makan. Anjung Selera. Watched the sunset then candle light with the whole family plus my cousin. Then went down to Warisan to jalan jalan. She bought a new dress there. and then we sambung at the pasar malam. Its like petaling street of KK. There we went around looking. Then when all if us was tired so me and my cousin send my baby to the hotel and we went back home.

Woke up late that day then went to meet up with my baby had breakfast in sempelang restaurant. Then we went to OneBorneo. This was the only time where i can hug my baby tightly and kiss her. Went around the mall and went to try the ADIDAS F50 Leo Messi Edition. Damn. the feeling was damn nice, very comfortable. Then bought her a bracelet and pizza at Mario's. Then we went to pick up dinesh and anisah. Coz were going to have lunch with peechee and chris at Little Italy. There my baby learned how fast KK guys eyes are. hehehehe.. (Thanks Peechee for lunch) then we went to wisma merdeka to jalan jalan. then went to bring her center point to make her try YOYO ICE. Very nice drink. Then bought her a necklace and phone strap. after that we went to send dinesh back home. then we went to pasar malam again coz her family there. Bought bracelets and i bought her a new purse.. then all of us very tired so send her to the hotel. And send my cousin and i went back home.

As usuall i went early morning to have breakfast with the family. After that went back hotel and they all checked out. My baby was sad going to cry. But i told her dont worry coz well still be going to KL. So she cheered her up.. Then she went on a road trip to miri. I went back home and then texting my baby..

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Wow after a long while I've been updating this blog, well a lot has happened but for sure june was the busiest of them all exam here and there. Everyone busy with exam. Well for me right after the exam finish I got the time to play games with my Sayang. Not the latest or mini games like diner dash or feeding frenzy. I was playing DR MARIO, BATTLE CITY, and SUPER MARIO BROS!!!

Dr Mario

Battle City

Super Mario

Well then My Sayang went back to Kuching and I went back to KK. Now here not doing anything, blur, and missing my sayang A LOT. Called her every single day check if she's ok. Now im bored. Just found out that can play DR MARIO online.

Miss my SAYANG soo much. Now trying to request to go watch Man United vs Malaysia at Bukit Jalil. But they say that its a waste of money and not safe cause of the swine flu spreading around the world. Well thats all for now i guess.
Update this later.


Friday, May 1, 2009

Chapter Three of Scribbles and Mumbles

Yesterday was going okay. Went to Friday prayers with Tompoq. Then had late lunch at CTR (Cahaya Taufik Restaurant). I was suppose to go basketball practice this afternoon but a lot of miss understanding with me and my Baby Girl. Sorry Amanda. So i played basketball teaching Vannessa and Fieza on basic rules of basketball. Sedut also came to play that night. When all of us were enjoying, I out of the blue twisted my ankle. My Baby had to walk all the way to the basketball court to bring ice for my leg. Its painful and swollen also. Hopefully I can recover before the Kelkatu FC match which is against Trinity I think. Well for now the first night sleeping with an injured leg is painful but it is capable. Walking is hard thats all. But what to do. It already happen so now is recovery time. Now its time to cook breakfast. I can surely get better.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

2nd Chapter of Scribbles and Mumbles

Its been a few days since I updated. I wanna talk about last night. We went to town to watch the Champions league semi-final match 1st leg. MANCHESTER UNITED VS ARSENAL
the colors follows the jersey they use. The match started very fast attack for the first half and hour of the first half. United played very fast and attacking giving pressure to Arsenal. Took them 12' just to take the lead. During that time Almunia already saved a lot of possible shots from Tevez and then Ronaldo. But in the end the Utility man for the United squad John O'shea sored for United. Goal!!!! Second half of the mach United was not playing like the first half. Arsenal was playing like the usual play. Short and very fast passing. Then the moment of history came for the living LEGEND for United who is playing his 800th match for United since he came in when he was 17 years old. His name is RYAN GIGGS. Number 11. In the game he scored a very nice goal but it was called offside. But it look like it wasn't offside. But its okay because United defended their lead until the match ends. But a very big loss for United who came out injured. RIO FERDINAND. Hopefully he can recover soon. Later i'll continue. I'm hungry.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

First chapter of scribbles and mumbles


This is the first time doing this and I'm not really sure what to do so here goes. Start from today there is a lot of things I wanna say. But here goes, intro TADADADADADADADAA!!!!!!!!
My circles of friends;

(My lovely girlfriend who i love the most in the world)

Van The Man
(She is very nice, but random times she goes all the way crazy, the one in BLUE)



Abby "The Piglet" Chu
(The little girl which is shorter than me and she eats A LOT!! sometimes she gets hungry more frequent than me)

( The crazy hyper cindian girl)

Dinesh "The Dog" J.
( My house mate)




Gala And Daniel


Hoemak and Tony

Andy, Fariq and Hoe

Karibi, Tompoq, Godwin

and lots lots more...(for this post.. its all meant to be crazy. Sorry abby for the extra cause I like to fight with you. We are like brothers and sisters.. hahahaha.. CHILL!!)